Flexy is a powerful tool to find, book, manage and build freelance teams-on-demand.

Why Flexy?

Verified Experts

Get instant access to a network of verified freelance experts from all over the world.

Save Time & Money

Reduce recruitment and administration time and costs.

Simplify Booking & Payment

Simplify booking, managing and paying freelance experts.


Rapidly build out teams-on-demand.

Who sells their skills on Flexy?

The best of the best

  1. Creative and Technology Freelancers
  2. Independent Professional Service Providers
  3. Management Consultants and Subject Matter Experts
  4. Public Speakers, Facilitators, Coaches and Trainers
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How Flexy Works

Sign up and complete your profile.
Create projects and order skills.
Get matched with and meet experts.
Build your own pool of verified experts.
Book, manage and pay freelance experts.
Track and manage spend.

How much does it cost?

Its Free to join Flexy!

Once you’re a part of the Flexy Network, you’ll pay a flat 15% booking fee on all successful skills purchases.

Flexy’s expert freelancers set their own rates, with the help of market-related-statistics. We will present you with freelance experts whose rates fall within your budget, unless otherwise required.

Flexy also offers bespoke advisory and training on building out freelance teams and working on-demand.

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